Indianapolis and Las Vegas, let's connect!

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Hi! Thanks for opening my post. If you buy, sell, own, work or live in either of the above MSA I'd love to connect with you. I'm a multifamily apartment investor and syndicator, but I don't care if you syndicate, passively invest, flip, wholesale, BRRR, house-hack, property manage, appraise, inspect, lend, broker or anything else I may of missed. I'm looking to expand my network, specifically with people in the areas I mentioned. If that's you and you are as passionate about real estate as I am I'd be honored to connect with you. Take care.

Thanks for replying fellas. I appreciate it. I'm currently looking for off market deals in both MSA's. Basically, B-C Class multifamily apartment communities, 100 units and up. I'm open to work with anyone who has eyes and ears on the ground. In Vegas, south of the interstate in downtown and Arts District I'm told are great C Class opportunities. In Indianapolis, assets along/close to the new Red Line, in Carmel and in Greenwood are on my radar. I'd love to know what kind of real time market activity you guys are seeing in the multi-fam space. @Christopher Hunter @Calvin Wellington @Chris Cabanilla