Calling All Multifam Commercial Brokers In Indy!

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Thanks for opening my post. If you are a commercial broker who has experience with B to C+ Class value-add multifamily apartment communities/building of 100 units and up I'd like to connect with you asap. I need to increase my deal flow pronto! Yes, I'm looking for off-market deals like everyone else, but not exclusively. On market deals are fine too. My initial underwriting process is fast and easy. If your opportunity passes the sniff test I'll deep dive and get back to you with any required LOI or documentation that's needed to move forward. It takes shifting through a lot of haystacks to find that one needle. So, connect with me, let's get to know one another and send me your opportunities.

I’m in the same boat! Only looking for properties in the 10-40 unit range. Can’t find any properties because they are going so quick. A lot of them don’t even make it to being online 😩

@Justin G.

That's a tough range. There just isn't tons of those properties in Indianapolis. We weren't built high density. Land is too cheap here. I feel like there have been three good small multi-family deals on the MLS in the last three years. One was listed here in BP.

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