Rental Property Investing at 19 Years Old!

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Hello my name is Korey Jones. I’m a 19 year old Car Salesman and I’m trying to get into Rental Property Investing. I was wondering if anyone that is currently renting out properties give me some advice on how I should start! Thank you!

1. get a preapproval letter for financing from a mortgage broker.

2. find a property (through bp or a realtor)

3. buy the property

4. put tenants in the property

5. watch your bank account grow while tenants deposit rent while sipping on margaritas on a beach

Listen to Three podcast a day . Read at least one book per quarter . Attend every Meetup and REIA in your area . Make sure that every name, email address and phone number is in a spreadsheet and start to get to know every one of them, you will need them in the very near future.