How can I know what kind of properties are in a neighborhoood

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I'm looking to purchase a 4 plex currently. I found a neighborhood I like but was trying to think of ways to find out the types of properties there. I plan on driving the neighborhood but does anyone have any alternative ways to find out what kinds of properties are in a certain neighborhood?

@Nathan Realph

By the date of the property as follows a class a building his new construction a class B building is 10 to 15 years old well-maintained with a little deferred maintenance class C building built within 30 years Shows age some deferred maintenance class D building over 30 years old no amenities low occupancy needs work

Drive-bys / walkthroughs on different days and different times.  Some neighborhoods have completely different personalities at night vs day.

@Nathan Realph   you can use companies like List source or Reonomy to pull data in specific Zip codes. 

The you know how many 4 plex there are or how many 5-10 units r whatever the search criteria in that particular service offer. 

Some counties also offer search of data according to specific search criteria.more often then not it is free on the county website.

the other services mentioned above are paid services.