New Braunfels Texas Duplex Owners!

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Would anyone who recently purchased a property in New Braunfels be willing to share how they located the property and how they financed the deal. Can’t wait to hear from you all!



We have been converting our property  in New Braunfels to a five plex the last two years. I am starting to reach out to others in the area to exchange ideas. I got a quote for a duplex from a realtor a month ago. The prices are just too high. About double I'd want to pay. 

@Eric Maus

Hey Eric. I found my house in New Braunfels by sending a hand written letter to a distressed house saying that I would like to buy it. I used a private money loan to buy the house and fund the rehab. After 9 months, I was able to refinance into a 30 year mortgage at 80% LTV. I ended up with zero money in the deal and $30k of equity in the house. The permitting & inspection process for the City of NB was the biggest hurdle for me on this deal.