Scam? Hugh Print system

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Never heard of him. Googled and found a website which wasn't impressive. 

If you're looking to learn how to buy multifamily properties, there are many books and podcasts where you can learn the basics.

What's your goal? What are you looking to learn?

I saw one of his commercials and registered to have a phone call with him. He quickly asked me for $5,000.00. The moment he began telling me what he would deliver I said to myself this isn’t for me. I asked him to email me information on his company, professional licenses, background and website info and he quickly motioned to get off the call. I told him I would research him before considering his services. Apparently, he didn’t like that. He never emailed me the requested info. His website isn’t impressive. There’s a bunch of pictures of him with his alleged girlfriend. Be cautious when considering these consultants.