Separating Water Meters

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Does anyone have any experience in the cost of separating water meters?  I found a post from 5 years ago but would like to see if anyone has any recent experience. I have a four plex that has all water on the same meter in Springfield, IL. I was interested in obviously the cost and who you need to contact to get a accurate quote.  

Water and Gas cost about Approx 160/month as it is now (one bill)



@Chase Gruening this Varys city by city. Start with the water department. They can tell you the process and fees. If feasible the next call would be a plumber in your area that does this type of work s not all do. 

Finally if it’s not cost effect to separate meters you can look into installing a RUBS system which is usually very cost effective for smaller properties.

I have done that a few times, your prices for the actual plumbing are going to vary wildly depending on how your building was built. 

If all the water pipes are separate for all the units to the meter then it may be a simple job. That has never been my experience.

For that part you just need to get a couple of estimates.

The much more complicated part will be working with the city or county that your in, and there is no way to estimate what they will cost you and charge you, in the end it will always be a lot more than what ever they tell you.

One thing I have learned is that when you go to talk to them about your project, find out who the inspectors are. Pick one inspector and always ask for that person and try to only deal with that person.

I have run into the most problems when I work with one person then they go on vacation and a new guy comes out and says "ok, rip everything you have done completely out and put in all new pipes."

Then they usually mumble something about how they read something in their code book some place and they think that's what it means.

@Chase Gruening

My locale will only allow one city meter per property. I sub metered them, very easy if you can trace back the supply line for each unit. Then bill each tenant separately. Check with your permit office, I’m not allowed to touch plumbing, has to be a licensed plumber.