Is this real or scam?

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Hello everyone

Does any one know anything about (Phil Pustejovsky)and his program(Freedom Mentor)?

he has a channel on youtube for real estate investment.

I was looking for a mentor and came across him.

It’s basically a mentorship program that guides you through your journey in real estate and teaches you everything and promise you to make $500k and split everything.

The only problem I have is they want me to invest in my education $15k as a commitment to my goals and they promised to refund it once I reach $500k.

Any thoughts?

Thanx for taking the time to answer this

@Shahad Saffar welcome to BP. I am sure if you asked Mr. P he will tell you it is not a scam. The way you so well summarized his program in your post; ya, he is doing it for his benefit, not yours. 

You will get far better results hanging out here, following threads, asking questions, watching some podcasts and reading a book or two. All the best!

@Shahad Saffar Hello Shahad. There are a thousand and 1 people out there that offer these types of programs. He his right, eventually you will need to invest in yourself, but not to the toon $15K. I would recommend attending your local REIA meetings, local being the key, and find a group that interests align with yours. When the time is right, the teacher will appear. A mentor/mentee relationship is organic that needs to be built. I have had several free mentors and I have paid for mentors/coach's. Take a guess at which one you think I received more value from?

Originally posted by @Wayne Brooks :

And you really have to ask?

this is really pretty genius you get the mark focused on 500k.. the mark never realizes that it takes a long time to make 500k in this market if ever.. for the average person.. I mean they have to make 1 million to get to the 500k.. and most likely the funding well not most likely its just HML they have on speed dial deals still have to work.. equity has to come from somewhere..

I worked for a syndicator in the 80s  big deal outfit..   his motto was Drown them in Futures..  this is all this is.. 

@Shahad Saffar I have to echo what @Bjorn Ahlblad said. I would first exhaust every piece of free material (like BP, podcasts, webinars, YouTube), low cost (books, online courses) before I would pay someone $15k to be a "guide". Also why don't they refund you if you DON'T get to $500k? 

Are you currently networking across your market? I would exhaust attempting buy lunch/coffee/beers for every operator, broker and attorney before paying $15k (that's a lot of nice lunches!) All it takes is one successful individual to agree to stay in touch and then for you to know the right level of contact to not annoy them! Good luck.