Off-Market and FHA loans

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Has anyone on here approached properties that were not listed for sale but were in the area you wanted and looked in need of lift/flip/rehab compared to the property around it.

If so how did you go about getting it to the owner, establishing that it's a duplex property and not a "townhouse." Can you do this with fha funding?

Sorry if that's a round about way of asking.

How to find out what a property is, what it's worth, who owns it, is it a rental and how did you approach the owner about a sale.

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@Madison Holbrook 

You can look it up in county tax records, if your county is online. 

 To an extent it is online. 

How accurate is a counties appraisal of a property? If it is accurate is there a rule of thumb of what investors should offer as a purchase point? 

I've found and am trying to find a more efficient way to navigate the delinquent tax properties. Thus far they are listed by parcel identification and company/llc/owner that is behind on them. 

Can one request from the tax office the owners contact information or where would be the most reliable way of finding it?

@Madison Holbrook

Tax bills have the owners info if you are able to find them online. Also, I think the county clerks office may have records as well. They are online in our county.