General Contractors in Des Moines, Iowa

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@Matthew Choi - they are far and few between unfortunately. If you aren't local, it will be difficult to manage DSM based renovations. I own a Construction company (not for hire) and can tell you, it's hard for ME to find decent OR reliable subcontractors. (If you want both, might as well hunt for unicorns)

If you are trying to budget shop, you aren't going to find a headache free contractor in this market. If you're willing to pay the premium of reliability, there are a few out there.

Best advise I can offer is to attend a few local meetups to network and gain contacts.

I appreciate your candor on this subject @Mitch Coluzzi , and thank you for the words of wisdom. In your experience would you be able to lend any referrals that you know are reliable and trustworthy. Please let me know if you come up with any contacts that you would trust.


@Matthew Choi 

I run a small investment business in Des Moines, IA. I also am a partner in a general contracting business, Hambone Fabrication. I became involved in the construction trades and helped form Hambone due to what Mitch was talking about - Finding reliable contractors is difficult n this area...

That being said Hambone Fabrication would be willing to take a look at some of your projects. No guarantees, but we may be able to assist with your rehabs. We are familiar with the building and rental cert requirements from the city and have experience in this facet. Let me know if you're interested setting up a time to discuss and/or meet.

BTW, I am originally from Baltimore, MD!