Finding Top Producers (Where Do The Rockstar Brokers Play?)

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Hello everyone, my name is Arzell and I am in the Cincinnati market. My partner and I have been developing relationships with people who are looking to invest in larger commercial deals. I am curious as to how one would recommend going about finding top commercial brokers in a given market?   I have explored loopnet as well as traditional search engines which have lead me to names and google reviews but how do I know who is actually doing the most volume? Taking some of the advice from our favorite podcast my goal is to find the rock-star brokers, do some research on them to identify areas where I can provide some measurable value and finally connect with them.

CoStar releases annual PowerBroker lists for different metro areas. It's worth checking those out. Many top mulitfamily brokers don't post deals on LoopNet, so you would never know they're out there.

Get introductions. Talk to other investors, property managers, mortgage brokers, title companies, etc and just ask. If you're just starting out then don't start out by being so picky about just working with rock-star brokers. You won't get much notice from a rock-star broker because they already have their large list of clients and unless you bring something special, you won't stand out much as a newbie. Young and smaller brokers will likely be hungrier and also likelier to have deals in the size you can take down.

@Arzell West-Estell if you’re targeting commercial properties you can drive around the city and take notice of the broker signs on property for sale and lease. You will see who has the most listings. Make sure to note the type of property as some brokers specialize and do not handle every type. 

Multi family is different depending on the size of the property. As others have mentioned the top brokers doing the big deals have their list and will be more difficult to reach. Smaller deal brokers will be more inclined to talk to you if you know what your doing.

Measurable value to a broker is the ability to close. Showing credentials is very important.