Multi family syndication

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you pretty much invest in others buying property's.  You sit back and collect a percentage based on what you put in and they manage the property. I've seen people that control the assets take a percentage off the top to manage things and distribute the rest to investors.   I've thought about it.  But I make more more buying my own properties and manage myself. If you have cash in the bank and want to make money for doing nothing then syndication works. I've seen guys brag that they own 200 unit properties. Yet they still work. I own 33 doors and I'm retired at 45 plus. If something breaks I may got th and fix it.  If not I'll send someone else out toj fix it. Just extra income


The Fairless/Hicks book is great, very detailed.  I suspect his school is also good; he is the "Best Ever"...   

If you prefer an in-person mentor and network of folks to work with, I suggest Brad Sumrok.  He has created an "eco-system" of successful MF sponsors and investors.