Just starting out looking to invest in my area!

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Good evening everyone , I'm looking to invest in my market which is California. Looking for a decent area budget around 250k multi-family units. Can anybody help me find the most affordable cities to invest in?

Hi Nia,

To add to Christopher's advice, I would start reaching out to local commercial real estate brokers and property managers to get their advice on affordable MF markets. Also, attend the MF meetup groups across the state and speak with actual owners to see where they are investing.

Thank you so much for your advice Christopher . I truly appreciate the new information you have given me and will most definitely look into this.

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 Hello Nia.  Take a look at these websites.  Also have you look over the Best ever apartment syndication book?




@Nia Dixon I wouldn’t buy anything in Cali. Price of real estate is too high. I would focus on markets outside of Cali. Get with Powell Chee. He’s on Facebook. He runs quite a few Multifamily meetups out there. They focus on acquiring outside of Cali