Who has the best lending for commercial properties

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@Alonzo Smiley with a private lender you can finance a MultiFamily property with no personal income verification. Need 25%-30% downpayment, property must have positive cash flow, and you will need to have assets for reserves.

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@Alonzo Smiley what do you consider "best"?

Quick close

High LTC

Low points

Low interest rate

High ARV

There are a number of factors to take into consideration.

Great questions


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@Jason D.high ARV

and they are really trying to help you close. Not giving you the run around

The real question is why are you getting "the run around"?

Are they asking you for things that don't make sense or are they asking for things that you can't provide or are they saying the property is not worth what you may think it is?  Those are usual "run around" categories.

Looking for high ARV means you may be tight on value. Did you over improve or are you looking to get cash out with low to no seasoning?

Could you go a little deeper into the issue?

75% ARV is available, but it depends on the deal and where you are in the process.