Managing Package Deliverlies for Smaller Buildings

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Hi All,

In this era of e-commerce, more and more people are having packages delivered to their homes.  This includes tenants who reside in apartment buildings.  For buildings that don't have leasing centers or doormen, but just have one or two locked doors that lead into the building, how do you allow for packages to be delivered to tenants?  Most are working during the day, so when say a door bell is rung outside the building, no one is home to answer.  Packages can't be left outside a building.  Any suggestions as to what can be done in such a scenario?

Thanks in advance.

@Nabeel M. do you have the ability to have a package room with a keypad locked door? You can also get smaller size "amazon" type locker systems that text codes to residents when they get a package so they can securely get it. What size property do you have and how much can you spend on the package improvement? 

@Danny Randazzo   Thanks for the thought.  I similarly was thinking about getting an Amazon type locker system.  However, that would have to be placed inside the property - which means, once again, FedEx etc would need to first get into the locked building (we have a room that we could place it in).  At least, as I understand it.  Placing say an outdoor system wouldn't be appropriate for the area.

@Nabeel M. The package locker systems come with keyless access if you place them inside a room. The delivery people would need a fob or code to drop off package as long as the door is accessible to the outside