Phoenix Multifamily Real Estate Agent

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Hello To All! I am new to BP and looking forward to networking with all its members. New Investor. I would like to purchase a multifamily home in the near future! Super excited to get started. Do you have a preferred real estate agent in the Phoenix/Mesa/Tempe areas that you can recommend? Preferably one specializing in multifamily homes. Thank you :)

@Desi Neal

The multifamily well in Phoenix has largely run dry the last few years. What is left is pretty much overvalued and is located is less-than-desirable areas of the city. You may want to look to the outskirts of town to find better deals, but the ones that are on the MLS are going to cost a little more to be in the better parts of town. You may want to also consider finding some wholesale deals or do direct mail marketing as well.

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@Desi Neal You will save quite a lot of money if you source out your own deals instead of hiring an agent. That way you will gain a lot more equity on your purchase. Try looking for leads by driving for dollars or using sites like Listsource. Then reach out to the owners using direct mail, cold calling, RVM, text messages etc. 

Good Luck!