Worcester, MA. Looking to get started.

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Hello BP Nation! My wife and I live in Worcester, and are looking to build a houseflipping team. Looking for a finish carpenter and a Private Investor to rehab city! Flipping and buy and holds in B and C areas! Would love advice, feedback and a team!

Hi Harry,  I am a part-time house flipper with a day job and a small pool of money that allows me to flip 1 house at a time.  Currently, have a house in Leominster that is a full gut rehab.  If your looking for vendors I recommend going to some REIA's - look up Black Diamond in Worcester on 8/20/2019, http://blackdiamondrealestateivestors.com

I also like NE REIA in Chelmsford - 1st Wednesday of every month, http://newenglandreia.com/.

Hello Timothy and Dan! I work full time as well. 2nd shift which makes it difficult for Meetups. But we've been in the analysis paralysis and educating stage long enough and are itching to get moving. Tim do you currently have a crew or are you working on your spare time?

@Harry Morrison I partner up with my contractor, he does all the physical work on the house and puts up some money. I put up the rest of the money and do the accounting books for the project. It works out great!

Hmm, I can see how 2nd shift will make it more difficult for you. Can you switch shifts with someone so you can go to the meetings? Your missing out in too much. I met @Dan Gamache at the NE REIA.

Go to my Facebook page, I just posted an update on the project.

Hello BP Family. It's been a while since I've posted anything. My wife and I have been looking at and analyzing properties, SF and MF homes from Worcester to Western MA. We are looking to team up and join forces with a Private lender(s) to do both fix and flips and buy and holds. Is there anyone who is as interested and excited and looking to do deals as we are?!

@Stephen Moskowitz can help you if you're looking for hard money loans. If you need longer term loans Drew Mortgage on Rt9 across from Whole Foods does investor friendly loans to get you out of the hard money. My team can help with rehabs but we're in that "good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good" category. 

Thank you Brian. We are looking at Worcester and other markets that look good. Found what we think are a few great deals. Looking for someone with more experience to partner with/mentor us. We are going to the meetup tomorrow night here in Worcester.