Thoughts on this DUPLEX Reno for under 8k (Before & After Photos)

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I did all of the work on this renovation myself. I just wanted your thoughts on my apartment and the numbers.... I have another house with similar numbers and I am looking to make this my full time job and quit teaching. 

The under 8k renovation:

Purchase Price $105,000

Monthly Mortgage: $422

Taxes: $2,958

Insurance: $1,068

Rent Unit 1 1BR: $1100 Rent Unit 2 1BR:1000 (Heat Included in Both)

Unit #1

Unit #2

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No, I built them both myself using wood at Home Depot. Get the hardware off of amazon it’s way cheaper. The double door is barn wood from Home Depot which is hard to work with without gaps. Get tongue and groove pine at Home Depot for the door and regular pine planks for the pieces to hold the door together.