New Investor in the Denver Area

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I am a new investor in the Denver area and was looking for advice on the best way to get started. I have been trying to educate myself recently and was hoping to get some advice specific to the Denver metro area as to the best opportunities, property types, locations, etc.


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Hi @Alex Powers ,

The conference room at Your Castle Real Estate holds many investing classes!  The lessons include, "How Many Properties are needed to Retire" to "How to Find Deals," and many in between. @Chris Lopez co-instructs many of the courses held at the Your Castle office. Please click on Chris above to learn more and find out how to obtain his new book “The 2019 Guide to Denver Real Estate Investing Strategies”.

@Alex Powers

That is a loaded question! It really depends on your goals.

If you have the ability to Nomad and/or House Hack, then do it. Don't get hyperfocused on multis, they are tough to find. The sweet spot now is 4 bedroom / 3 bath places in the burbs. You can use 5% (or lower) financing to buy, get a few roommates and almost live for free.

If you're buying rentals and looking for the best cash flow, then buy condos in Aurora. We're seeing the best cash flow and cap rates.

I can you give more details if you share more goals.