Cockroaches... Fastest way to eradicate?

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4 unit apartment building, 100 years old, have been using professional exterminator monthly for last 3 months but not seeing improvement. I'm on the verge of losing tenants over the problem.

I know sanitation is key and I'm working to keep tenants on top of things in this regard. But I'm hoping someone can provide a suggestion that I can act on immediately.

Instead of baiting or trapping, is there a good reason my exterminator wouldn't recommend fumigation?

Roaches need: food, water, warmth, a secure breeding area. Take any of that away and you won't have roaches any more. If you cannot get rid of them through vigilant housekeeping and extermination issues then somewhere they are being supplied all of their necessities. Roaches are good at avoiding contaminated areas. 

Some/all of your tenants are feeding & watering them, would be my guess. Getting rid of roaches means: all food is secure, always. All garbage is secure, always. Sinks are kept dry and free of dirty dishes. Dishwashers are sealed closed when not in use. All dry food stuff is sealed in packaging and plastic containers. ETC. 

@JD Martin and @Account Closed Thank you. Neither of you is telling me something new but you're both telling me what I need to hear. I've got one tenant that just needs to go and that's that. I've gotten them to improve but I can't expect to change a lifetime of bad habits and lower standards. I won't be renewing their month to month lease. I feel better already!