Small Multi-family Utilities!

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Hey guys, I am a new land lord house hacking a triplex. How should we handle the utilities? we are all on separate power meters but the rest is all combined to include a dumpster. 
Can I have all utilities in my name and then legally charge the tenants a % of the total bill each month?

@Samuel Fletcher Hardy just add it into their rent you’ll have a hard time getting them to pay that in top of their rent believe me been there and done that just add a base amount to the rent and your life will be much simpler because not everybody is using he same amount of utilities and people will complain.

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Call the utility company and they should be able to tell you how much the utlities run during the deepest part of winter and you should be able to get a baseline from there. If the gas bill runs 200$ divide that by 3 or however you want to do it. I'm not the best but it works for me so far. im sure someone else can break it down better than I can