Looking for Central PA Multifamily Investors

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I am looking to meetup and network with other multifamily investors in Central PA, mainly in the York, Lancaster and Harrisburg triangle.  The meetup I go to in the area doesn't focus on larger MF properties (10+ units) so I am either looking to network or if there is interest start a group for the area.  I plan to acquire a property of 10+ units in the next 3 months and hopefully 2 such properties by the end of the year.  If you are interested in discussing, networking or partnering on larger deals in the area please reach out!

I look forward to hearing from the community.  

Is that area considered central? I was thinking more neutral territory like Clearfield, State College, and Lock Haven; not enemy territory home to mostly Eagles and Flyers fans!  😂


@Aaron Froggatt

I guess we should say South Central PA.  Don't worry though, no love for Eagles, Flyers, etc. in my house!

@Ethan Smith

Those are two very different areas.  In the Harrisburg area alone you'll see vastly different markets from block to block, township to township.  What kind of properties are you investing in?

@Aaron Froggatt I apologize, as Andrew said I should have said South Central PA.  I am looking at deals all over PA but focusing more on the South Central Area.

@Ethan Smith Harrisburg & York are great areas if you are looking for a good rent/price ratio but as Andrew said you need to really know the market as there are areas that vary significantly in demographics & rental rates.  If you need any more information on have questions on the area feel free to reach out!  I would love to help where I can.