New investor trying to figure out which area/s to invest in

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I am brand new to real estate investing and right now I’m in the process of learning as much as I can. In New Jersey it is obviously tough with how high taxes are, but I feel like I have found places that would still cash flow, Gloucester City for example (not so sure about appreciation though).

Is anyone familiar with investing in Atlantic City? I know there has been talk of some things turning around, but people have been saying that for a while it seems. Anyways I saw some properties that seemed like they could be pretty decent in AC and just wanted to see what the market is like.

Thank you!

Hi Luke, welcome aboard!! The AC market is ripe for investing, and there is so much growth happening economically in the city. You're correct in the tax assessment of NJ; however, with that said, where can you purchase waterfront property $100,000??? Depending on your strategy and how you are looking at the market, there is money to be made. There is lots of Airbnb, multi-family, and rental opportunities in the city.  If you have not been to the area, tour the area and check out the University district, Inlet, Venice Park, Bungalow Park, and Chelsea areas. Take your time and get to know the market and you should be good!!  And if you're looking for a great Realtor, I know one whose ready to assist!!

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