Hagerstown or Cumberland, Maryland - Where do I invest?

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Hagerstown is a good rental market but beware of the costs to run a rental business in Maryland. Inside Hagerstown City can be a challenge due to their inspection process and landlord unfriendly stance. If you buy right and follow all the rules you can cash flow. If you are out of town you need to start first by finding a good Property Manager. A good property manager will make a difference. 

Cumberland is on the decline so that is why it's so enticing to purchase there. Prices are low due to high inventory..once again a good property manager is the key.. ( don't know of any good ones there ) I do own in Allegany county but in Frostburg only. I manage my own property there..  

My business partner @Mike Webb has a large portfolio in Hagerstown and can help.. The majority of my holding and our joint venture holdings are in Berekely County WV ( Martinsburg WV). Let me know if I can help any further.

@Russell Brazil I like the way you vote! I love Berkeley County and it's treated me well, but if rapid appreciation is one's game then BC isn't the right fit.