property in ROSELLE N.J.

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I'M being offerd a 2 unit rental property in ROSELLE N.J. wanted to know more about the place .

if you have any experience their i would like to hear about it

Thank you very much

Yehuda R.


I live in Roselle. It is a small town that is nothing special. Also, property taxes are sky high. And it can be a little sketchy in some parts. I would rank Roselle as C class town. PM me if you have further questions

@YEHUDA R. If the numbers make sense go for it, but make sure the rent rolls and your assumptions on potential rent are correct. Roselle is a middle of the road town in terms of crime and income for the most part, taxes can be high, but rents are less than stellar for multis. Also reach out to a PM down there who can help you understand vacancy rates