Hello all, so I’ve come across a potential property I like and need help analyzing this deal.

Purchase price $399,000

Unit 1 has 3 bds and 1 bath

Unit 2 has 2 beds and 1 bath

Property taxes are 12k

Rent roll is $3,600

I’ll be putting 5% down

PMI around $230

Home Ins. $150

Interest rate 4%

Closing cost I’ll be conservative and say $10,000

Repair cost $10,000

30yr mortgage

Utilities seperate

Vacancy 5%

Repairs. 8%

Capital. 8%

Annual income growth 2%

I would appreciate any knowledge you are able to

Give me on the deal including what would be the “homerun” number for cash flow. Thanks again!

Annual PV growth 2%

Annual Expense growth