Multifamily Meetups in Southern Pines, NC

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Reaching out to all the small and large multifamily investors in and around Southern Pines, North Carolina. Trying to decide if there is an appetite for a mutifamily meetup in this area. If so I'd love to connect and possibly start a meetup in our area. 

Really interested in mutifamily in and around the emerging Sanford, NC, market. Anyone? Bueller, Bueller?

Pfiezer, the largest pharmaceutical company in the US just dumped some 500 million dollars into developing its factory in that area and is projected to bring in an additional 300+ jobs to that market.  Yea, yea, small potatoes compared to Durham, Raleigh and Cary just north of there but still an interesting prospect. Especially considering the commute time to those larger cities (30 minutes) as well as the proximity to one of the largest US Army bases in the world (Fort Bragg, NC). 

What are your thoughts? 


I grew up in Sanford and have family all around there. I come back ever so often each year. I've never really thought about the potential of Sanford but maybe you know some things that I don't. Looking forward to connecting with you

Sanford is really growing - quickly. The amount of commercial development along the 87 corridor in the last two years is pretty impressive. There is A LOT of undeveloped land and the location is convenient enough to RDU/Fort Bragg that it seems like a likely place for continued growth. That said - there isn't a lot of existing inventory of multi-family homes in the area. From my understanding the biggest thing holding back commercial development is the availability of utilities (especially natural gas). 

Thank you all for the for the interest, good to know there are other multifamily investors in the area as well. And although we aren't at the point to start a proper multifamily meet-up just yet, the Moore County REIA has asked me to come talk about multifamily investing at their next meeting. Everyone is welcome of course and I'd love to connect with you all to start putting a plan into action.

The Moore County REIA will be at Hickory Tavern in Southern Pines, NC, starting at 630pm on 10 September. Hope to see you there.

@Ashton Levarek The meetup will not be at hickory tavern, it will be at the Whispering Pines office of the Everything Pines Partners Real Estate group. The address is 1 Country Club Blvd, Whispering Pines, NC.

Anyone interested in meeting this week to go over how we analyze larger multifamily deals?  I can share the software I use, how it works, how I get all the information, what makes a good deal, etc? 

Hit me up if you're interested.