Need creative financing advice on 10 townhouse deal.

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I currently have a deal to purchase portfolio of 10 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom townhomes for 1.4 million. 9 of the 10 are rented. They were built in 2008. I need advise on how to fund this deal.

@Tramayne Simmons

You could ask for Owner financing. Here are some examples of how to structure terms

You could offer full asking price in exchange for 100% owner financing structured in any way that works for you.

It could be straight payments till paid no interest example would be $500k purchase price and you pay $2500 per month until paid.

You could offer interest only with a 5/7/10 year balloon

30 or 40 year amortized loan etc.

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@Tramayne Simmons , you can always go the traditional route by getting conventional financing by putting 20% or more down if you're capable to do so. Then you have the non-traditional route by finding experienced partners who may be able to help with funding so you can take this down. In order for this to happen is you need the relationships. If you don't have the relationships, get out there and network, network and network till you can't anymore. Good luck