Areas for Multi Family Investments in Austin, TX

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I'm a NY based investor curious about the Austin market. Anyone who has experience investing in Austin pls feel free to chime in.

Where are the upcoming areas?

Taxes in said areas?

How are the landlord/tenant laws?

Avg. price of SFH or Multis?

Hi @Aram L.

I wrote a whole forum post about some of the best areas in central Texas that are becoming hot markets based on data I've collected.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the property taxes. It's not irregular to find the monthly property taxes to be at $400-$800/month. I've even seen some multi-family properties have taxes up to $1,000/mo!

Landlord tenant laws are a little better than most states. I'm not going to explain all of the legal stuff, but the laws are pretty good compared to most states. You can do the research on landlord/tenant laws in Texas yourself. 

Hope this helps.

- Caleb L.

@Aram L. I would recommend you join all Multifamily/Syndication Facebook groups you can. In there you will find a ton of active and passive investors, as well as other professionals that go hand in hand with our industry. This is a great way to make solid connections and have them educate you on that specific market. If you're seriously thinking about investing there, you need to take a few trips down there and familiarize yourself with that market, besides just taking everyone's word. Good luck

Hi Aram

SF and MF in Texas has been hot for some time and Dallas and Austin are probably the hottest markets.  Finding deals is challenging as its very competitive and supply is limited.  Macro environment has been very favorable to businesses relocating to Texas from other parts of the country to reduce their costs and businesses expanding within the state.  Diversified job base provides good breadth to reduce risks. Texas is business and landlord friendly.

For Austin, the Univ of Texas (50,000+ students) provides employers with local talent and a lot of high tech workers are being relocated here as well.  Growth is moving out the shift is to the north near high tech corridors near the Domain (Austin's second downtown) out towards Apple's $1B planned expansion and tech row along Parmer lane and up the I-35 corridor.