Househack property location idea

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I’m looking for a multifamily house for house hacking. What kind of locations/stores/offices shall i target to attract good tenants? Where I don’t  have to deal with the eviction often.

(I want it around OKC or nearby cities, upto 40miles)

Hi @John Peters

Welcome to BP! I would look more into what type of tenants are you trying to attract to help you narrow down what you need to look for. (Families may care about school districts while the young professionals may care more about bars and restaurants). Multifamily properties pretty expensive, so you'll want to find out what loan amount you will be able to qualify for and that may have an impact on what areas you want to look in. 

OKC doesn't have a ton of multifamily properties, so it will take some planning and fast reaction time to get something good under contract where the numbers make sense. You'll also want to plan what you want your portfolio to look like. C class duplexes are going to cashflow differently and attract a different set of tenants than a A class new construction units. You can still get good tenants for either of those properties, but it's going to look a lot different. 

I know that isn't necessarily great information but it's hard to get specific without knowing your goals and your budget.