Home Warranty to do or not

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@Noel Dixon Personally, I think home warranties are a sham. Ive had customers try and make a claim and I’ve never heard of one not getting denied.

Not sure if the multi-family contracts are different, but I have always asked for and provided home warranties.  One of my buyers was able to get a new furnace when the original (which had a 5 year old motor) unexpectedly gave up the ghost.

At about $450  to $500 it is cheap piece of mind if you worry about future complaints or claims.

@Noel Dixon I have never bought one; on two occasions the seller bought a home warranty for me. Both times it was beneficial and smooth. First time it was 30 years ago and I got a new furnace, that was a big win; second time was 2017 I had an expensive stove repaired. I do not know who the company was with the furnace. The more recent event was American Home Shield.

@Noel Dixon . I have received a home warranty when purchasing a property. I don’t think it would be a good fit for a rental property. The warranty company requires getting preapproval and them finding a contractor. This takes time. If a furnace goes out in winter, you may not be able to wait.

The property I was referring to was in a more rural area and none of the warranty company’s providers wanted to come out that far so I still had to find my own person to fix the problem.