Just Bought a Duplex in a SR 2 Single Family Residence District

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Hi you guys, I would greatly appreciate any insight on what to do in my situation. I recently bought a duplex and it sits in a SR 2 single family district which allows for 2 family dwelling with conditional use permits. Should I reach out to the township and see if permits are in place, and risk alerting them if there aren't any. Any ideas?

Also, not sure if it is relevant but I got an FHA loan to purchase the property.

@Jason Krueger Are you trying to split the duplex and potentially sell each unit separately?  If that is the case, you will most likely have to go through the CUP process, I doubt that the CUP will be in place so you would need to go through that process.

When I want to find out information about the area or zoning for a deal I typically go into the planning depart (just walk in and talk to the desk planner there) and ask.  There is not rules that you must disclose your address. With a smile and good attitude, you can typically find out most of the information of what you would need to do to get the permits you need.  If they ask you can always say you are looking at a property in the area and you want to plan ahead and see what may need to be done.