9 Ways To Acquire Commercial Real Estate

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Greetings to everybody! 

Recently, me and a past colleague were discussing what we found interesting about CRE when he mentioned that he heard there's "9 ways to acquire a commercial property" and he asked me was I aware of them. The answer was no. So me being curious, I searched specifically for what he asked me and I came up with this list from a February 2019 article in Forbes:

#1: Invest in real estate ETFs
#2: Invest in real estate mutual funds
#3: Invest in REITs
#4: Invest in a real estate focused company
#5: Invest in home construction
#6: Hire a property manager
#7: Invest in real estate notes
#8: Hard money loans
#9: Invest in real estate online

This is the original article from Forbes:

Are there any additional conventional or unconventional methods/strategies that aren't on this list that you know of from experience?

Thanks in advance for any insight or resources you can share.


The "without buying property" part immediately disqualifies this list, from my perspective. This is only partially real estate investing.

Numbers 1-5 are a more complicated way of saying "Buy stocks," which is not buying real estate. You're buying equities that are tied to the performance of real estate. 

Number 6 - ok, hire a property manager for what? That's not a way to invest in real estate, it's a way to operate real estate you own. Boom, directly buying real estate.

Respectfully, I doubt Mr. Rose (author) is a real estate investor. This does not read as though it was written by someone who invests in real estate. There are a lot of better articles here on BiggerPockets, written by people with actual real estate investing experience.

Hi Richard,

My preferred way to invest has been via multifamily syndications. 14+ and counting. Best of luck!

Hey Travis! I'm grateful for you sharing that information. 

Specifically, I want to know what are the 9 ways to acquire an industrial zoned property.

Any experience acquiring that kind of asset?