Caliber Home Loans contact

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I found a property nearby that Caliber Home Loans (hedge fund lender) has taken via foreclosure from the owner and the property is sitting vacant since Spring. Has anyone worked with this lender before that would have a good working phone number that reaches a live person?  I'm using the 6587 number and can't get in, since I'm not a customer.


The chances of you purchasing the property prior to them listing it as a REO is slim to none from basically any large servicer. Call their mortgage line and ask for the department that handles bank owned assets. Caliber Home Loans is a mortgage servicer. You can simply go their website and call customer service. 

Try calling a local reo realtor in the area. Alot of times once they take control they have a realtor secure the property and do a bpo, as well as maintain ongoing services . They will have access to the asset manager and will be able to provide you a little bit more info. 

@Mark Rechkemmer As mentioned, you won’t be buying it before it hits the open market.  While Caliber May service some loans for hedge funds, they were a major servicer of distressed loans long before the hedge funds entered the market.