Financing help with down payment or low LTV

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What type of financing options are out there for duplex and fourplexes that are low LTV or help finance a down payment?

Any help or advice is appreciated.

Howdy @Paul I. !  That depends on whether you'll be living in it or not. If you don't plan to live in the 2-4 unit property, then you'll be looking at a 20-25% down mortgage loan or a 15% down commercial loan usually.

If you are going to be living in it then a whole world of low down payment/high LTV loans exist. These include, but are not limited to FHA 3.5%, Conventional 3-5% down, and "Dreammaker loans" (like what Chase does in most markets right now) that can offer extremely low down payment loans AND some stimulus money to help towards that.

I hope this is helpful in your journey!