Just Purchased Peter Linneman's Book

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hi BP,

I just purchase Peter Linneman's book, Real Estate Finance and Investments. It seems like a great primer on private equity and multi-family investment evaluation. Has anybody else read it?


I read it cover to cover a few years back. I thought it was an excellent read. It's a great primer and can be very helpful in providing a good foundation on which you can build. I have a finance background, but I would assume it would be even more valuable to someone who specialized elsewhere and didn't learn a lot of the finance-specific basics in school (engineer, doctor, lawyer, etc.). Even still, I really liked it and think it's a great book to pick up for those who like to nerd out on RE. I like the way he teaches the fundamentals of how to think about risk and how to factor in different variables when considering the merits of an investment opportunity. Hope you enjoy!