Starting up any advice!?

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Hello BP I’m 21 years old located in the Boston area,I’m new to this business I’ve been doing a lot of reading and listening to podcasts trying to network as best I can anyone in my area welling to chat or anyone in general someone with experience please I have tons of questions

Hi Emmanuel and welcome to Bigger Pockets! Bigger Pockets is a great place to network, learn about the real estate investing business, and get deals done correctly. Congrats and I wish you tons of success.

@Emmanuel Cedeno  

Personal opinion: there are a thousand people asking the same thousand questions every day. They are often questions that have already been answered and those answers can be found using the search button above or by reading a book. If you're serious about learning and investing, read a book or two on the basics of real estate investing, finding deals, financing deals, and managing properties. Then you'll have a decent foundation from which you can ask more specific questions and refine your knowledge.

And welcome!

@Emmanuel Cedeno congrats on your new endeavor. I would suggest start educating yourself on the niche you want to be involved in. Then locate your local REIAs on   Attend these meetings and network with other local investors. Surround yourself with those who are already doing what you're doing. Use this platform to ask all of your questions. Good luck

Hi @Emmanuel Cedeno ! Welcome to the community. I would start out by going to some local Investing meet ups. I know they are trying to build one on the south shore where I am. There is also one in RI and black diamond is always a great one to go to. Immersing yourself in the conversations is a great way to become familiar with the lingo, learning real world scenarios and meeting some people from the area. Best of Luck!