How is the market in Memphis TN?

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Hey everyone, Im from Hawai‘i and over here it’s to expensive for me to buy my first multi family apartment. I’m searching in Memphis TN I fond very good prices for multi family appointments My question is Do you think it’s can be good area to start ? There anything that I need to be careful? See I’m over sea Any tips will help:)

Hi @Leo Glazer I personally love Memphis, but it definitely has good and bad areas. As an OOS investor, I would highly recommend taking a tip there to check it out before buying anything. Also, small multifamily properties in Memphis tend to be in rougher areas which can be hard to manage from out of state. There are areas I would definitely stay away from. What are you investing goals? That might help determine where the best place to start would be. What brought you to Memphis? 

hey Danielle,

Thanks for respond:)

my goal its 2-4 doors multi family apartments

im looking in Memphis because it's very cheap and the cash on cash returns its 20% + i sow that on BiggerPockets mark plice

To be honest im so confused there so many places so many deals 

Where do you think its will be the beast place to start my first multi family? 

@Leo Glazer I invest in SFR so I can't really speak to the best place for small multi family. Memphis is cheap, which is one of the reasons I invest there, but like I said you have to be careful about the area. The properties with really high returns are likely in higher risk areas. The returns look great on paper, but the problems will eat through your cash flow eventually. What kind of price point are you looking at?

Hey @Leo Glazer . As the others have said, Memphis has some areas that may not support you as well in the long run and as @Danielle Wolter stated, most of the small multi families are in these areas. That’s definitely not to say that there aren’t good deals out there. You just may have to come for a visit to see how quick housing can change from street to street here. If I can help any more, let me know. 

@Leo Glazer

I suggest you come out and visit the areas where your price point is located $150k will get some sketchy and maybe ok multi-family apartments. But $150k will also get you a A+++ SFR investment property. and or 2 SFR in C+/B neighborhoods.

@Derrick Craig hey I’m thinking about memphis too, would you say its a neighborhood to neighborhood zones?

There are many neighborhoods that houses averages 150k and then the neighborhood across has houses that are like 50k.

Just trying to get the general idea.

@Mario Am

Yes I would say it's neighborhood to neighborhood, or better yet street to street here. 

Some streets have houses for $325k and you drive less than a mile up the street maybe 800 meters you ave houses for $20k-$40k

Memphis went up 5% appreciation 2019. Lots of new jobs and big companies expanding operations here. FedEx, Nike, Amazon etc.