Best Conferences for Multi-Family Investors

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Joe Fairless's Best Ever Conference (Denver) and Real Estate Guys' Events (Dallas & others) are great. I've been to both multiple times and always get value. I wrote a top 10 takeaways from Secrets of Successful Syndication, which you can find on BiggerPockets via search.

Others in Texas which I have not attended but are popular include Think Multifamily's events and Brad Sumrok's Rat Race 2 Retirement (and others).

Do you want to learn to syndicate, or to invest in multifamily on your own?

Thanks @Todd Dexheimer and @Jordan Moorhead . I appreciate the suggestions. I’ll definitely look into them.

@Jordan Moorhead I glanced at your profile and saw that you have properties in Louisville, KY. That’s funny timing because I’m flying out to Louisville in the morning for a tradeshow for work. Will be there until Thursday.

@Ronnie Howard

A lot depends on what you're looking to achieve at the conferences. Some of them are more of a boot-camp style and put more emphasis on education. I know David Lindahl does that with his RE Mentor group. Other conferences offer some educational materials that are helpful to a complete newbie, but they are mostly for networking. So you need to determine what's your main objective for these events and then go to a couple to get a feel.

Btw, a lot of folks post them here on BP under Marketplace. So check it out.

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@Todd Dexheimer Do you have a location set for the Northstar Real Estate Conference in 2020?  I want to make sure I get it on my calendar to plan on coming out to this one!

Not yet. We will be updating the website soon for tickets and event location. 

I attended the NorthStar RE Conference this year and would recommend it to all investors.  Speakers covered many topic ranging from mobile homes, new development, house flipping, commercial RE, etc and networking was very good.

@Ronnie Howard  Fellow Texan here :) Highly recommend the Think Multifamily FIRE Summit - they just had the Fall Summit and they're doing another one this spring.  We attended twice and then joined their inner circle/mastermind group, best investment we've ever made.  We were new to the syndication world- can be a bit daunting to do your first deal but within 4 months of joining them we're under contract on 173 units.  DM me if you have any questions- happy to help! 

Thanks @Keeley Hubbard. I appreciate the suggestion and words of encouragement. It does feel intimidating but going to push forward regardless.

Will definitely reach out with questions. Thanks again.