Looking for a commercial real estate agent in Kansas city, MO.

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I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there isn't much difference between one commercial broker and another. They will only tell you about what is on the MLS and maybe a pocket listing if they have it. They will not return your call if you leave a message, in my experience. You could input your information on their website, which is even more of a waste of time. So, to my point, a google search will get you more results than this forum.

@Lee Ripma  If you read through the entire post, you would see that I corrected myself BEFORE your comment! 

@Anthony Dooley it sounds like you haven't any luck.  Selling real estate as a broker/agent has a low barrier for entry.  Anyone can give it a go. That's why there are so many bad apples.  That being said, not all of them are bad and some are great.  I do my thing in NYC and I doubt anywhere is as cut throat as here.   I listen to what deals are thrown at me, but in the end it's my call.  Surface DD doesn't take long.   I'm sure there is one agent in KC that is on the level. If they waste my time; i'll waste their time.  

@Roger R. you can easily find commercial brokers on loopnet to network with. Go to loopnet. Search for properties in your desired area. Then see out of those brokers in the area you're looking in which ones have the most listings. Reach out to them. Let them know who you are and what you're looking to accomplish. I've found this very helpful to increase deal flow although deals that they send over are still hard to pencil. We are focusing our efforts on off market opportunities

@Roger R.  What types of commercial properties are you looking for?

Jolene Desmond is very active and knowledgeable. I don't know if she's on BP, but feel free to DM for her contact.

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@Anthony Dooley you are right. The first commercial broker I called was from bickerstaff parham. You are right they were a real [email protected]#king waste of my time. If you are bashing other agents/ brokerages for your benefit you are a problem and a troll. There is no benefit to having your input on here.

I haven't bashed anyone and I am not saying this about KC or any other market specifically. I am just stating the reality that one agent is no better than the other. If they answer the phone or return your call, they are better than average.