New Investor - South Carolina/Georgia

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New Investor...from Sumter, South Carolina living in Macon, Ga.

One (1) apt bought in a quadplex in Sumter with a line of credit and one (1) apt bought in a duplex in Warner Robins, Ga with a conventional loan.

I would like to acquire other properties in both areas...will using the line of credit hurt my chances at getting additional loans?

Can anyone recommend banks/credit unions that maybe able to help? What about other areas to invest in...I would like to get a 4unit if/when available...

Thx Anthony

@Anthony Dawson for properties of that size I would focusing on building relationships with local commercial savings and loans banks in the area where you plan to invest. Also, continue to network and share with people exactly what it is you do. Partnerships can be created this way.

@Anthony Dawson in my opinions is 100% leverage and you need to be careful where you allocate the investment. I acquired 195 units in Warner Robins next to Macon. Looking to add more units to

Our portfolio.

Are you interested in buy small properties and manage you alone or are you open to invest passively ?