Big Four Consultants Buying Multifamily

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Before I became a full time real estate investor I was a financial consultant with Deloitte Consulting. Since we as former or active firm employees are all highly motivated individuals and understand the power of working with great people, lets network. What is your story and what do you need help with? Lets help each other achieve our multifamily goals. 

I documented my story recently on my BP blog which you can find here.

Hi @Danny Randazzo ! I've been in corporate america for 15 years. I got "woke" as the kids say about 1.5 years ago and started educating myself and networking... asking HOW.  I started investing this year in February with the goal of hitting 6 units. I have purchased 2 duplexes and just went under contract with a 12 unit. It's been a crazy year and I've never taken as much risk and been as vulnerable as I am now, putting faith in God that financial freedom is his plan and taking massive action. I was looking at your profile and business, you've done amazing well - congrats on the journey and success! All the best, Joe

@Danny Randazzo

Great story and thanks for sharing! My story is documented via a ton of podcasts I was interviewed on. As a former Big Four tax accountant I can certainly relate to your story. I will never forget the 24x7 sweat shops we went through, especially during the busy season that lasted for about 10 months out of the year. It created a lot of new friendships and camaraderie. 

Happy to help out in any way I can.

Hi @Danny Randazzo

Thanks for sharing your story! It trully motivates people like me to take small actions every day and replying to your post is one of them!

I have been working in silicon valley rat race for the last 10 years and 3 years back read "Your money or your life" which just changed everything for me! And then stumbled upon the great BP podcast and forum! After 8-10 months of reading RE books, listening to podcast and cold calling other investors I purchased my first SFR! That same year I bough another SFR and did a BRRRR! I just recently closed on a quad couple of months back and slowly but steadily inching towards a life where my money works for me rather than the other way round!

As any RE investor I am trying to learn as much about multifamily investments as I can by just following folks like you who have found success! 


@Gorden Lopes that is awesome you’ve got a few properties working for you. It’s truly an amazing feeling when you get the first few income streams up and running then things seem to grow naturally from there. Stay focused on having your money work for you and use your network to its fullest potential. I’m part of yours now and you are part of mine!

Cool thread.

While I'm still in the Big 4 world where I work as an international tax attorney(I'm typing this from my cube), I became re-inspired to pursue real estate investing back in December 2016 when on vacation in Jamaica. That was the first vacation I'd had in 6+ years where I was able to take a break from emails, con-calls, etc. for a few days in a row, which gave me the space to realize the job was making me become so detached from my family and gave me the desire for passive income.

After some initial research while en-route to the airport, I found Bigger Pockets and this is where my investing and education journey began. I started watching webinars, reading articles and listening to podcasts. These all brought me to reading a certain purple book (Rich Dad Poor Dad), which had been on my Amazon wish list for 4 years! What an earth shattering book that was for me - basically everything I'd been taught or knew had been turned on its head. I just wished I'd read it sooner.

For a good year or so I continued my real estate education and tried a few different approaches before finally landing on multifamily syndication. I am currently a GP on two syndications comprising around 400 units and am working on building up my securities law knowledge as quickly as possible to speed up my transition from the Big 4. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel (thankfully) and am projecting I will be free from a J.O.B. within the next 12-24 months.