Appraisal value for HVAC vs window unit

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Any one have input one experience with the appraisal value of residence with window units vs. HVAC? My wife and I are in process of purchasing a Quadplex built in 1940s and currently has baseboard electric heat, and window a/c units. When it gets appraised, will it be much lower because of this? Will in benefit to change everything over to central HVAC? I am pretty sure I have heard on a podcast that as long as it is renting out, don't worry about changing. This might be true, but just wondering how the appraisal might look? 

@Jeff Williams , I think the impact will be minimal and you likely won't get your money back (in terms of appreciation) by converting to HVAC.

Who owns and maintains the window A/Cs? You or the tenant?

Might be worth considering moving everything to mini splits. Will class up the property. That along with "central A/C" may command higher rents