Looking to buy a Duplex with seller financing!

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Hi BP community!

I am looking for a duplex or multi family under 75k that provides seller financing.

No I do not need a realtor, lender or wholesaler.

Just looking for someone that is ready to sell but is willing to work with me on the down payment and terms. Preferably I am looking for a property that is in rent ready condition or needs less than 5k in work. 

I know these deals are hard to find but thought I’d put it out there on BP! 

Thanks for your time in advance!

It'll help if you can narrow down your criteria and demonstrate that you can close. Do you have a specific area where you're targeting this type of property?  Have you closed on similar properties in the past? This type of deal is going to be very desirable and go quickly. 

@Emily Hill can you actually purchase a duplex in Cali for 75K or under?  I don't know to much about the Cali market other than everything on that side of the coast is overpriced.

If you don't want to deal with an agent or wholesaler, then you're only options are to go direct to seller cutting out the middle man. Purchase a list from listsource. Or scavenge your farm area by driving for dollars looking for run down properties or properties that have for rent signs out front.

These options may provide some fruitful opportunities for you!

Hey @Scott Rogers ! You are lucky you got out of CA! Gov Newsom is signing laws like it’s going out of style! He just signed a law that requires all landlords in CA must accept section 8 vouchers. Put a 5% cap on increasing rents. I will never buy any rentals here in CA, too tenant friendly. Even SE Fresno properties are going for 180k-200k at least which is wild considering that area is gangland. Please feel free to send me any properties I might be interested in :)

Idk why it’s not letting me tag certain people in this post. TJ, read my response to Scott. Yes I will never buy any properties in my home state, too many laws and regulations. Great idea on purchasing a list, I’ll need to look into that!

Hi Taylor!

Yes I’d like to buy a duplex in the Midwest before the year is over with. Specifically Missouri and Tennessee. I’m open to other states as well! As long as the numbers look good and the property is in a decent area, I’m game! 

@Emily Hill

How much of a down payment are you willing to put down . Most folks willing to do this find security in the deal by a bigger down payment . Are you willing to put down 10% of that 75k plus the tax/legal /recording fees associated with setting this up?