Duplex deal what are different strategies that I can attack this

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A wholesaler has 2 properties in a growing gentrified area. One property is 130000 but has stucco rehab 30-40,000 Arv: 270000. The other property is 150000 rents for 800+ rented out already (turn key) rehab 40,000 arv 280,000 how can I get funding with bad credit?

@Gabriel Hayden , question 1: Are these deals worth doing? There are a bunch of red flags:

Is property 1 a flip? If not, I don't think you'll ever get the rent to make this work. Since you want to at or near the 1% rule to hope to cash flow you'll need to bring in ~$2700-2800/month in rent. Problem is, anyone who can afford that rent can easily afford a $270-280k house.

If the 2nd property is "turn key," why does it need $40k of work?

Have you confirmed those ARVs and reno costs? You're not just taking the wholesaler's word for it, are you?

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