Mutifamily Investing in Toronto, Canada

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Hey All, First post here on BP. I’m a multifamily syndicator in Toronto, Canada looking to connect with like minded syndicators & investors in the area.

Any recommendations for local meetups? I’m always looking for new connections.



Birch Mountain Group, Ltd.

Toronto, Canada

Hi @Alexander Mohr ! Not sure if this may help, but we have a resource here in the U.S. we use called    Not sure if you would have access to this. It's a platform that allows you to search for local real estate clubs in your area. You can also Facebook local groups as well in real estate. Try LinkedIn for local groups or groups abroad.

If you don't mind me asking why Toronto?

I know a few Canadians that are running and parking their money in the states. Mainly markets that are emerging primed and ready for reposition mainly targeting affordable housing which will ALWAYS be a need in this country. Good luck on your journey my friend.

Thanks @Tj Hines !

While I’m sure there are a ton of opportunities south of the border, I do know Toronto best. There are still pockets here that present an opportunity to capitalize on the under supplied multifamily segment.

Having said that I’m always interested to learn more about other areas and will be sure to give you a shout if/when I do have questions about Tampa.

Thanks again TJ


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