Looking for a new career path.

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I’ve recently been forced out of my W2. Does anyone have a need for talent on their team? If so, what positions are you looking to fill and how can I help bring value to your business?

@Trey Knight are you looking for a full-time employee position or are you looking to learn new skills while continuing to find a new W2 position to produce income for the time being?

@Charles Seaman

Ideally both. I realize that’s a challenge. I’m open to a conversation with anyone. My last W2 made it really challenging to pursue my multifamily dreams. I see this as an opportunity to course correct and start making steps in the right direction. Priority one is continuing to provide for my family.

@Trey Knight figure out what you're most passionate about and what you love doing. Then spend your time working on those strengths whatever they may be. Don't be in such a rush to seek employment. Easier to say. Harder to do. Work on personal self development and developing the mindset to where you can master your thoughts and channel all of them in the direction you want to go and soon enough you will find yourself walking that path. Good luck on your journey.

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