Bird-Dog Deal-Digging Investment Team-Builder

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Hello BP! My Big Hairy Audacious Goal here is to create a situation where everyone wins through a creative collaborative investment in a portfolio of value-add cash flowing apartments in/around the Greater Philadelphia area (Philadelphia / Bucks / Trenton / Camden / Wilmington)

What You Get From Me:

I FILL PIPELINES!! I actively prospect 6-days a week. I pull lead lists. I skip-trace. I cold call. I connect, set meetings and build rapport and trust with sellers. I analyze deals and package them together. I get to the settlement table and close. I lead, and I am currently building a team of pros who know how to win.

What I am Seeking:

INTRODUCTIONS!! If you or someone you know is a: PA Real Estate Attorney / GC / Property Manager / Private Lender / Investor / Mortgage Broker - It may be worth us having a conversation that could potentially lead to profitable collaboration in the coming months.

I'd love to hear from YOU - Thanks in advance!


I'm a prospective rental property investor in Bucks county, PA!

I'm in need of networking with people like you as I embark on my first real estate investments. Lets connect and see how we can empower each other! 

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