Burnt on books - seeking real life experience

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Hey Everyone!

Quick intro on myself - I purchased my first property (duplex) two years ago in Austin, TX. Since then, I've purchased a primary residence in Austin and a SFR in Birmingham. I am constantly reading but books are starting to become repetitive with many similar concepts. Each property that I've attained, I've made mistakes. Lots of them. I've also realized that the numbers, distance between properties and the lack of scale is truly limiting me. Six months ago, I made the decision to only focus on purchasing a commercial multifamily property (10+ units).

Openingly, I have fear of the unknown.  I've made mistakes with each previous property and I expect to make many more moving forward.  I am hoping to find someone in the Austin area (ideally), if not local, someone with commercial experience investing in Texas to help me make a smoother transition into the commercial space.  

If this is you, I'd love to hear from you! Learn about your journey and hopefully help me minimize mistakes moving forward!


I primarily invest in commercial and though I live in Houston, I have projects in Austin and Birmingham. 
I would be happy to help you evaluate your deals and offer any guidance. 

@James Piercy Mistakes are how we learn. Matt Theriault says, "you are either making money, or getting an education." Nobody knows it all and no two deals happens exactly the same way. Never stop learning. Also, don't limit yourself to just on category of property. 10+ unit multi-family properties are hard to come by, compared to a 3/2 SFR. Scale can be gained by owning 10+ SFR. Either way, it's 10 doors.