Water Submetering for Duplex in New Haven

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Is submetering water atypical for New Haven area? I have talked to an agent and a landlord in the area and both claim landlord is expected to pay for water in that market. If not, does anyone recommend a watersubmetering option for a duplex? Someone suggested True Submeter; anyone have any experience with this product?

Not sure about the area, but certainly a practice. However, pay close attention to tenant quality, often Ive found lower quality tenants might not pay this bill, and the last thing you want to get into is water shut offs / back debts, and dealing with that. Im in one of the most expensive water communities in Massachusetts and I still have not sub-metered for this reason. I pop coin opp in the building and it makes up the revenue. Just my two cents. Lastly, my local plumber said he could do it, so Id check with peeps locally before trying to do some other company, its not like its 100 units. 

The issue is how are the water pipes sent from the basement to each floor. 

If there is a T from the main and one pipe goes to the 1st floor and the other to the 2nd then it’s easy. 

But if the the kitchens are in the North side and you have a single pipe that connects both apartment’s water in the kitchen. Then a 2nd pipe in the south wall that connects both apartment’s bathrooms. It’s going to be difficult to split. 

I would always opt to charge less on rent and have tenants pay their own water, gas and electricity. 

If the water is not under the LL name the water company could refuse service if there are back debts? 

Also I too am curious about true submeter.